The Prague BLOG

Before it was Litlag, this page was known as The Prague BLOG. For a number of reasons, I decided to reconfigure the blog to focus more on literary, rather than general, travel, and so I renamed the blog and disposed of the posts that I believe no one will miss.

The Prague BLOG had its purpose. It was a record of my emotions and experiences during the two-year period that I decided to relocate and start life in the Czech Republic. It was raw, and a lot of people responded well to that and felt they needed to give me some comfort in what was, at times, a difficult period.

But as I figured out more of my own purpose, it became clear that the Prague BLOG could be more than my own personal adventures and could turn into something that would encourage everyone to discover their own stories. That’s why I think traveling and writing is such an excellent combination. Travel gets us out of our shells and takes us to new experiences and discoveries. Writing, in turn, helps us process what we’ve experienced and make sense of these experiences in terms of our bigger life story. So the Prague BLOG became Litlag, and here we are.

While I’ve moved on, I would like to preserve the most well-loved posts on that site. To that end, I’ll be republishing the most popular posts from the blog in a series called “The Greatest Hits.” The first of the series is linked below, but stay tuned as this page gets updated. And be sure to subscribe to email updates by entering your email on the right-hand side of this page.

cfplr9zgnak-alberto-restifoOn the Selfishness of Adventure

“To experience other cultures and try to learn something from global humanity, to witness the world’s natural wonders in all of their terror and beauty and majesty — this is selfish, if only because our tiny “self” is our main frame of reference for realizing how incredibly big this world is.”


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