At Litlag, we are happy for you to submit your literary travel writing, book reviews, and advice for writers. We receive submissions from contributors all over the world, and we’re especially interested in publishing a diverse range of voices.

For all contributors, the most relevant pieces for Litlag will somehow connect travel with writing and/or reading.

We generally accept three types of articles, although we recognize that these categories can (and should!) overlap. Short & sweet is always good (say, around 800 words or fewer), but if the writing is fantastic longer is okay, too.

Any piece you submit should fall into one or more of the three categories “travel,” “read,” and/or “write,” for example:

To submit, send your piece to with “Litlag submission” in the subject line, to make sure it’s seen. Also, please include a 2-3 sentence bio written in the third person that can be published with your piece if it’s chosen for publication, with links to your website and social media handle(s).

As this is a brand-new blog (and as the creator of it is still in grad school!) we don’t pay at the moment.

Thank you for submitting, and we really look forward to reading your work!


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