Fiction publications by Rebekah

The Beautiful,” Still Point Arts Quarterly, Fall 2016

The music spilled out for a few minutes, after which slender women in draped marigold dresses and men with white linen tunics appeared on the stage, weaving in and out of one another as they took their places in what seemed to be a market scene. They began singing, quietly at first, but their voices blended more and more in a harmony that was foreign to Maddie’s ears.

Tulip Time,” The Forge Literary MagazineMay 2016

The sound of the smashing was like thunder that comes out of complete silence and snaps every nerve in your body. Amelia didn’t flinch, didn’t cling to her sister or whimper; she just looked up from her book and laughed.

Divine Worship,” Hobart, March 2016

The word bounced off the walls, the organist’s keys, and the coats of the children who were standing with their elbows perfectly placed on the pews. It ricocheted off the priest’s alarmed face and finally became one with the Body of Christ, where it was absorbed and extinguished.

Travel publications by Rebekah

The Ultimate French Destination Marathon, Misadventures Magazine

Cherry-picking time in Alsace, France Today


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