Where in the world do you write? Boston, MA

By Jessi Graves

Living in a fast-paced city like Boston, I often find myself having little time to breathe, let alone write. In between work, my family, and my social life, it feels like I am constantly on the go.

My mind is a whirlwind of thoughts all day long, only pausing when I finally get to lay my head down on a fluffy white pillow.

And that is when the magic really happens.


Jason Trbovich / flickr / creative commons license

Yes, for me, my most ingenious writing pieces have come to me while drifting off to sleep.

Maybe it has something to do with the feeling of total relaxation. The slowing of breath & heart beat ushers in an abundance of creative thought.

Like a tranquil sea wave steadily flowing to the shoreline, the gentle exchange is soothing and peaceful as unfiltered ideas wash to the forefront. This is the time where I allow my thought process to completely drift whichever way it may please, away from strict societal constraints and carefully controlled emotions.

The thoughts drift and drift, sometimes growing deeper and darker as internal monologues began to blend together. Sensations become emotions and sometimes emotions turn into words, and then all of a sudden there is a voice uttering truth from the farthest corner of my subconscious.

And instantly my body jolts upright in bed.

Holy shit—that’s it!

I scramble for my phone on the nightstand, flicking on the light as pupils painfully dilate away the darkness. There’s furious typing and clicking of incoherent bullet points, but just enough coherence so they will make sense the next morning.

Then with a sigh I turn off the light and lay back down in bed. And with an almost cathartic sense of relief, like a subconscious weight has been lifted, I promptly fall asleep.

So technically, my response to “where in the world do you write” is a bit abstract—sure—but so are all the glorious, beautiful, incoherent ideas I get for new writing in between dreams.

Where in the world do you write? 

It could be a bar, a café, a library, or even your own writing nook at home. Send a photo, a short description, and a bio of yourself (optional) to rebekahleemays@gmail.com to have it featured on Litlag.

About The Author:

Jessi Graves currently resides just outside of Boston & works at an international education company. She has a bachelor’s degree in Journalism & Media Communication; however, her true passion is travel. She combined these two loves to create the “Czech It Out” blog, a tongue-in-cheek take on her year living in Prague, the Czech Republic, and beyond. Her previous media work has been published on iTunes for iPad & aired on BFM Business French television. You can follow Jessi’s blog at www.czechitoutblog.wordpress.com


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