New fiction: Tulip Time

Here’s the beginning of a new story published by The Forge Literary Magazine and written by Litlag’s editor Rebekah.

This story is all about space — one of the themes of Litlag — specifically about confinement within enclosed spaces. What happens, for instance, when water is heated in a pot, and the molecules have nowhere to run? They collide. Again and again. The water gets hotter, and the molecules zoom around even more furiously. Eventually, of course, they reach the boiling point.

Broken wall and window

Thomas Wensing / “Broken wall and window” / flickr


The sound of the smashing was like thunder that comes out of complete silence and snaps every nerve in your body. Amelia didn’t flinch, didn’t cling to her sister or whimper; she just looked up from her book and laughed.

Katie wasn’t afraid. That wasn’t it. It was just that when she heard the noise she felt sorry for the house, like it was a stranger she had seen crying in the street.

The next day dust crept into their noses and mouths. All that was left of the fireplace was a hole in the wall and a jumble of stones.

Continue reading the rest of the story here.

Rebekah Lee Mays is an American freelance travel writer who’s lived and worked in Europe for the past three years. Her fiction has been published in Hobart and the Forge Literary Magazine, and she currently studies literature and creative writing a few blocks from the Luxembourg Garden in Paris. Litlag was born out of her experience blogging at the Prague BLOG, where some of the articles here were originally published. She tweets @smallbeks.

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