Where in the world do you write? Medellín, Colombia

By Anna Gillian


Medellin, Colombia / Pedro Szekely / flickr

There’s nothing more Colombian than coffee. And like many writers, I get my work done in a coffee shop. My choice spot is an establishment called Café Zeppelin, an eight-minute walk from my door in Medellín, Colombia.

I’ve found leaving the house is imperative for me in practicing a daily writing ritual. By “going to work,” I take my craft seriously. (And, by staying away from the sterile environments I find at libraries, I avoid making the work of writing too serious.)

My friends complain about Zeppelin. It opens late; I don’t have to pretend I’m an early riser or feel guilty that I’m not. What I write in the afternoon or evening is as valuable as what others write at dawn.

Another point of complaint is the service: it’s slow. It’s so slow in fact that it forces me into productivity. There are few distractions or interruptions.


Café Zeppelin / Anna Gillian

Every day, I enjoy writing in a corner on Café Zeppelin’s patio, observing my “coworkers” — other customers — from time to time for inspiration in my fiction.

A café doesn’t have to be perfect in order to be perfect for my purposes. For me, perfect is a place near home that opens late, moves slowly, provides vivid characters and, more than anything else, serves Colombian coffee.


Address: Café Zeppelin, Tv. 39 #7612, Medellín, Antioquia, Colombia

Tel: 312 22 91

Mail: dascafesas@gmail.com

Facebook: facebook.com/cafezeppelin

Where in the world do you write?

It could be a bar, a café, a library, or even your own writing nook at home. Send a photo, a short description, and a bio of yourself (optional) to rebekahleemays@gmail.com to have it featured on Litlag.

About the author

Anna Gillian is a freelance writer currently teaching English in Medellín, Colombia. Her work has appeared in Shahrazad Collective, Ohio Edit, Sexxxy, and Derail. This fall she begins her studies in London as a Hilary Mantel Scholar at Kingston University’s MFA program in Creative Writing. She posts works-in-progress on WordPress @annagillian93.

4 thoughts on “Where in the world do you write? Medellín, Colombia

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  2. I was probably one of those interesting (hopefully?) characters walking past the cafe most days. I lived nearby until just a month ago when my husband’s visa approval allowed me to move to where I CAN get writing done: in a home office in a small city in the U.S. Love Colombia for its coffee (and my husband, and its fruit, and…), but it’s mind-shatteringly loud everywhere I lived for nearly a decade. The curse of bad neighbors has finally been lifted. Now on to writing projects!

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